About us

About us

Our greatest strength is Hand Embroidery with a business model is to work on the client’s customized orders. We introduce ourselves as manufacturers of all kinds of high-end fashion fabrics and hand embroidery bearings. We cater to international fashion industries, fashion designers, boutiques and manufacturing companies.

Beading and Hand Embroideries:
Unique chain and needle stitch techniques using varied raw materials like sequins, glass beads, beads, bugle beads, rhinestones, metallic threads, rayon threads, bullion, crystals, pearls, and any other materials of choice of our discerning clients. The embroidering could be on areas like collars, cuffs, pockets, yokes etc. with any design, beaded trims, and embroidered motifs as per our clients’ preferences.

Base fabrics used include tulle/net, silks, chiffon, organza, linen, velvet, leather, suede or any other choice of our valuable client.

Apart from catering to the specific demands of our clients we also undertake embroidery on yardage, running length fabrics, Wedding and Bridal Dresses, Veils, Bridal gowns, Long gowns, Haute couture outfits, Jackets, Bustier, Evening wear, Tops, Skirts, Handbags and Stoles.

We help our clients to harness the wide reach of the International fashion industry by designing and developing complex hand embroidery masterpieces that help them market their products to a wider audience. We cater to modifications and additions to design as per the customer’s requirements. Each piece is given enough design and development time to make sure it’s exactly as per client’s expectations. We assist our clients to develop and design from scratch till the final product is ready based on their ideas.

PBS Exim is the name to rely on when it comes to implementing the client’s vision onto the fabric with hand embroidery of the highest standard. We consider quality control as the most important practice right from the initial stage of sourcing raw materials until the final finished product is ready for shipment.

We strategically help our clients visualize, identify and formulate the best look and feel of the product that is trending in the global fashion business. We immerse ourselves in the mindset of our clients to gauge their needs and fulfill their expectations.

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